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<transcy>Rotterdam, Delft or Dordrecht!</transcy>

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<transcy>Welcome to the Stadswandeling 010!</transcy>

Would you like to go on a discovery tour with us through Rotterdam, Delft, Dordrecht or Gouda? Which can! 🤩

With the Stadswandeling we offer a safe outing and you support the local entrepreneur. We provide a nice road map, pub quiz and delicious deals at the catering entrepreneurs, all you have to do is enjoy! ️☕️ 🍻🍷

<transcy>How does it work?</transcy>

Dear city walkers, every weekend we organize a unique walk through Rotterdam, Delft, Dordrecht and Gouda, to offer fun walkers like you a responsible trip. 🤩

With this walk you will pass the nicest cafes and bars that offer you a nice deal, we provide the perfect taste experience.

Participation is €3.50 for this: the original walking route mapped out by us, the menu of the participating catering establishments with proof of the deals and a pub quiz that fits the route with fun assignments.

This way you have a nice trip and you support your favorite local restaurants.