<transcy>NEW! The City Bargains of the City Walk 010</transcy>

NEW! The City Bargains of the City Walk 010

The City Bargains of the City Walk 010 have started! It was not a boring month in February, the City of Rotterdam unfortunately canceled the City Walks in Rotterdam for the first two weeks. Not an easy decision for the municipality, but down to the end it looked too much like an organized event and that is in violation of the emergency law surrounding COVID-19. After some deliberation and a debate in the city council, we started a new concept in agreement with the municipality of Rotterdam: The City Bargains 010!

The City Bargains in Rotterdam

In the weekend of Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 February we started with the Stadskoopjes. The City Bargains is similar to the City Walks we previously offered, the only thing ' great The difference is that we are no longer allowed to provide a fully mapped out route. In addition, the card with Stadskoopjes is valid from Thursday to Sunday, so you no longer have to choose the day and time slots in advance on which you want to go out.

How does that work exactly?

Our mission has remained the same, to ensure that people can take a nice walk and in the meantime support the catering industry. Unfortunately, hikers now have to map out the exact walk themselves (in advance), but we will help you on your way. Of course you can also go out without planning a walk in advance, we call that nice on the spec!

What we offer is a map of your chosen district in Rotterdam. This map does not only show the catering establishments where you can pick up a nice deal through us, but also the beautiful places in Rotterdam or places where you can window shopping . With this information you can go on a journey of discovery in our city of Rotterdam. We also offer the old familiar pub quiz, in some places in the city we indicate the places that a pub quiz question is about, so it will be extra fun to adjust your walk to this!

Windows shopping 🤩

Not only the catering industry is having a hard time at this time, the weekend before we had to stop because of the municipality of Rotterdam we started with the concept window shopping . Local companies are currently doing their best more than ever to keep the shop window looking top-notch, and they also indicate how you can still order something nice from this company. We indicate the companies where this is done in the city on our map by means of an asterisk, so you know where to look if you want to quickly score a present for home on the way! Or for someone else of course

Do you know a nice local company that participates in this and that we should definitely not miss? Please also send us a message!

In a nutshell...

The differences between City Walk 010 & City Bargains 010

Let's take a look at the big changes, so that everyone has the right expectations before we go for a nice walk through beautiful Rotterdam!

  • There is no longer a mapped out walking route;
  • There are no fixed time slots/days on which you have to walk the walk;
  • You choose the catering establishments you want to visit and in what order!

What does the Stadskoopjes card offer?

Fortunately, a lot has also remained the same, the Stadskoopjes card helps everyone get back on their way to go outside in a safe and fun way! For example, the Stadskoopjes offers:

  • The catering deals, of course the most important! These deals have been put together especially for the city walkers by our catering toppers for a low price;
  • A fun pub quiz for on the go, with some facts about the district you have chosen. In addition, several points are indicated that you do not want to miss along the way;
  • Places in the district where you can window shopping ;
  • And the card is valid this time from Thursday to Sunday! This means that you are free to hit the road whenever you want!

Fortunately, it remains the way in which you offer local entrepreneurs a little more certainty, while you enjoy our beautiful city of Rotterdam in a safe way! 💚

Will we see you again soon?

Lots of love,
Hanna, Rutger, Thomas & Benthe
The City Walk 010