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City walk - Rotterdam Islands

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Rotterdam is not only the city of the Maas but also has its own islands. With the City Walk010 you walk through the Rotterdam Islands via the imposing bridges and you may end up at the unique Deliplein on Katendrecht.

How does it work:
  • Select under 'number' the number of walkers with whom you want to go for a walk, but note: you can only walk with a maximum of 2 people or 1 household!

  • The walk costs €3.50 per person and is valid from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 June. You decide on which day you go hiking, you do not have to indicate this to us.

  • On the basis of the Stadskoopjes you can map out a walk yourself and go on a discovery tour!

    * Please note children up to 13 years old are free and you do not have to count 😌